urubu 2012

Here is a film I directed to be used as New Year’s Greetings Card for the french company URUBU films.
The idea was to build the future of the company – the year 2012 – all together in the form of a gigantic logo in the company’s studio.


It was a huge setup, but we also had a lot a fun.
I was obviously influenced by the work of Georges Rousse and Felice Varini, Arman, Lucy McRae & Bart Hess, Motohiko Odani …


So here is the film :

And a few preparation stills





Director : Bastien Brenot
D.O.P. : Fred Vallet
Art Direction : Pierre-Arthur Goulet
Steadycam : Mathieu Lornat
Gaffer : Loïc Ougier
Set Construction : David Liver, Francois Piednoir
Catering : Mathieu Desruet

Editing : Antoine Henri
Color Grading : Patrick Siboni
Sound : Baptiste Chauchat

Production Supervisor : Flavien Regnault
Producer : Francois Combin – Urubu Films

Music : Kick it – Peaches feat. Iggy Pop

RED Epic Camera : La Petite Rouge / lapetiterouge.fr
Lights : ADN Electro

With Jeremy Halimi, Isabelle Goulet, Elodie Lavoute, Heloise Paliwoda
Thanks to Sandra Schmaltz, Anthony Adam, Marine Sentenac, Pierre Lefort and Arte Facts