Camille // VR Music Video

Late 2017, I worked on this mystic sensorial 360 VR Music Video for the great french artist Camille. Produced by[…]

TURN drama

For a couple of months now, I’ve been working with my deer friend David Liver on a new hard rock drama[…]

More primitives !

Here are two new results I get from my image manipulation experiments using the Primitive algorithm, by Michael Fogleman. Two very different results obtained from[…]

Primitive eXPeriments

I’m currently working on some image manipulation experiments using various softwares and techniques. Now testing with the Primitive algorithm by[…]

first VR experiences

Working on a VR experience was a first time for me.   During nearly two months, I worked with Small[…]

Watchdogs 2 live trailer

I worked on some shots for Ubisoft’s Watchdogs 2 live trailer commercial, with guest star Charlie sheen. But the film[…]

2016 VFX demo reel

Here’s my visual effects demoreel. I just compile work once in a while so, until next time, I guess this[…]

Audemars CG watch

Quick photoreal compositing test done on CG watch renders, for Firm Studio.