Don’t Touch Me Tomatoes & Chachacha

In 2013, the great egyptian-lebanese artist Lara Baladi made a video art piece comissionned by Dior.
It was a great success, shown at Grand Palais in Paris in November 2013, and in Shanghai, Los Angeles and Jerusalem in 2014.


It consists of an all CG immersive 8mn48s looping video, projected on a 9.42m long x 3m high curved wall (6m in diameter), with 7.1 surround sound (edited and mixed by Nathaniel Robin Mann).

I was in charge of the overall technical creation of the video piece and took care of the CG work myself (except rotoscoping)
That includes Modeling, R&D, Look Dev, Particle FX, Animation, Lighting & Compositing.

I also handled the Creative Production part, helping the artist make visual and technical decisions that stay consistent with her initial project.



Here is a little video excerpt of the piece. (The first 1mn45s of the total 8mn48s, but I hope it’ll help you imagine the complete thing).
You would really want to watch this in HD (please, click on the vimeo logo to get to see it properly).





And some still images picked through the very high resolution piece :


Hope you enjoyed it.
Do not hesitate to go and see the artwork in conditions if you can, it’s an amazing little world to enter.

Don’t Touch Me Tomatoes & Chachacha – © Lara Baladi 2013 / Courtesy Lara Baladi
Oeuvre réalisée avec le soutien de Dior / Artwork commissioned by Dior
Visual production – Urubu Films / Production visuelle – Urubu Films