#WHO ?

After studying Visual Arts, I graduated from the Georges Méliès School with a Digital Director degree, and started working as a Visual Effects specialist in Computer Graphics and Animation.
I always put an emphasis on Image Conception in my work.

Recently, I also started working as a film Director and Art Director.




My VFX Specialties :

– on set VFX supervisor
– CG supervisor
– CG artist FX / Shading / Lighting / Rendering / R&D
– Compositing


You can watch my VFX demoreel here.

A detailed up to date curiculum is available via my LinkedIn profile.

Or you can simply contact me : mail@bastienbrenot.com


Work Experience


As a VFX Artist / Technical Director

I worked on commercial films, music videos, shorts and feature films
doing CG and VFX work from 3D Tracking and Previz to Lighting, Rendering, Compositing, Dynamic FX, VFX Supervision and VFX Pipeline Conception

for companies such as Firm Studio, Mathematic, Mikros Image, Mac Guff, One More Production, KingsizeFX, Chez Eddy, Royal Post, Futurikon, Digital District, firm studio, Escape Studio, Le Fresnoy, Ijin Prod, TeamTO, …

I was in charge of the Destruction Effects of the short film LOGORAMA
– 2010 Academy Award winner (oscar) for Best Animated Short


As Director / Art Director

– Urubu-twentyTwelve greetings movie

– FLOS + Starck (Travelling through Paris on a motorbike with 2 designers) – 7 cameras shooting

– 1st Assistant Director & Producer on BRÛLE! , a fictional feature length movie based on Romain Gary’s books & life, starring Richard Hell and Dinara Droukarova – writtent & directed by David Liver. (Currently in pre-production. To be shot some day soon). Learn more about it HERE.

– 1st Assistant Director on Vingt heure Treize, a short film by my dear friend David Liver.

– Art Director on photo shoots for Philippe Starck

– Video and Photography of artistic performances & happenings (for  Y Liver, F.X.L., …)


As a Teacher / Trainer
I also teach Visual Effects and CG in Paris Schools

– Setup / Rigging Teacher for GOBELINS, l’école de l’image – Paris
– Shading / Texturing / Lighting / Rendering Teacher for Ecole Georges Méliès (ex. EESA) – Orly
– Prodution Deadline Consultant on graduation films for Ecole Georges Méliès (ex. EESA) – Orly
– Tracking / Shading / Lighting / Rendering Teacher for Vocation Graphique (ESANA) – Paris
– Color Grading Trainer for ESIC – Paris
– General Visual Effects and Computer Graphics Trainer for Alley Cat Studio – Beyrouth




– 2001 – 2004 : Université Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux III – Bachelor in Visual Arts
– 2005 – 2007 : Ecole Georges Méliès VFX & CG animation – Digital Director Graduate
– 2009 : FXPHD VFX Training – Nuke in Production & Advanced Nuke
– 2011 : FX Machina – SideFX Houdini Training
– 2015 : FXPHD VFX Training – Flame CG Integration & Flame Batch Compositing Techniques


For Fun

– Jazz & Funk Saxophonist (soprano, alto & tenor) for nearly 25 years.
– Photography, mainly Medium Format and Polaroïds ( Rolleiflex, Mamiya 645, Holga, Canon Ftb, Zorki 4, Kiev 35, Minox 35, Polaroïd SX70, Miniportrait, 220, …)
– Climbing
– French boxing (savate) – I’m relatively new to this one, but I like it.