Compositing commercial for Chantelle Paris lingerie brand Directed by Nathaniel Aron Production : Soixante Quinze VFX studio : Firm  

BMW S7 // Visionary Lights

CG layout and compositing Director : Xavier Chassaing Production : Pig China VFX Studio : Mathematic    

nuke tools

Here are some nuke tools I made for various use in production.

DS // 60 years

VFX & CG Supervisor Director : Laurent Nivalle Production : Le Rendez-Vous à Paris VFX Studio : Mac Guff VFX[…]

cool Destop commercial

CG Compositing Director : Fred Mayer Production : Bollywood Animation Studio : Firm Studio CG Supervisor : Olivier Osotimehin


Personal tribute to Martin Parr. summer 2015, le Canon, France.    

Despicable Me … 2

I worked as a compositing artist on this movie, taking care of the final image’s look and the stereo consistency[…]


This is a very short movie directed by my friend David Liver, to celebrate the passing from 2012 to 2013.[…]