Cantor Dust Man – Visual Effects short

Cantor Dust Man is a short film written and directed by Sébastien Loghman for Le Fresnoy, based on romanesco brocolis and fractal systems.
The film was produces by Le Fresnoy and our post-production work was done at Escape Studio in Paris, thanks to Arnaud Piasni & Christophe Ferrier who invited us in their studio.

We won the Canal + award at the 24th European Short Film Festival in Brest.
I got to work as a VFX Supervisor on this project. The post-production work took almost 4 months with a team of 4 talented VFX and CG artists + help of some friends from time to time.

I personaly took care of the R3D Workflow (we shot with one of the first RED One cameras in france), On Set Supervision, Facial Tracking, Particle Dynamics Systems conception (then done in XSI by AdrienMeynard) and Color Grading.


See the video on ARTE CREATIVE




And here’s a behind the scenes on the short film :